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"Growing The Best"

Alpine Hass Avocados has taken great lengths to insure production of the best tasting, local avocados in San Diego! Our avocados are HAND PICKED with care to insure less bruising of our fruit.

Our Alpine facility is 12 acres with 300 trees that produce custom, quality avocados. We insure maximum freshness and we can easily guarantee that our ripe avocados will stay 100% perfect (if refrigerated) for at least one week.

Why Alpine Hass Avocados?

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Ordering Freshness Our Commitment

6 Large Hass Avocados, handpicked, and delivered to your door. Farmed Avocados from our ranch in Alpine, California, U.S.A.

Wax-Free, Non-Spray, Non-Irradited, All Naturally Grown Environmentaly Friendly Sustainably  Always Know where your Avocados Came From! At Alpine Hass Avocados we are committed to handgrown quality and customer service. We take pride in serving our clients the best California Avocados possible.


Our hard avocados, delivered wholesale or by mail-order, are guaranteed no more than one day off the tree, with zero refrigeration time. This ensures the very highest quality and "storageability." Our avocados are locally grown in California. Support your local farmers and buy direct from the farm. We take pride and ensure gentle handling of your freshly picked avocados.